No Responsibility

This story would be funny if it wasn’t true:

Chinese smog has 5 benefits

This shows you to the extent that socialist governments and people will go to never take credit for their mistakes. I talk about his over and over and over on my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain. Democrats are never gonna admit any wrong-doing concerning Obamacare, the NSA, the economy, taxes, regulation, etc. Never never never.

That’s why we must defeat them any time we can.

Moreover, not only will they never take responsibility, they will blame it on people who have nothing to do with the problem. A good example of this? North Korea–it blames capitalism and outside influences for the domestic problems it has, even though countries do very little business with that Nightmare On Earth.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government is very much the same. It blames the problems that pop up on Offenders–people who try to undermine the OWG’s plans. When, in reality, the problems their civilization has is due to the OWG itself. The lack of transportation, electricity going on and off, dilapidated buildings, long health lines–all side effects of a command economy. These aren’t coincidences; these are by-products.

In China’s case, it’s the same thing. They can’t disguise the smog so the Government claims it’s good for its citizens. How convenient!

People Love Big Government

Don’t believe this Gallup poll at all:

Government Itself Is Top Problem

Here’s I know: The average American hates eating liver more than he hates his Government. I hate liver as well but I’d rather eat it than love this Government monstrosity we have. But, I believe I am in the minority.

Thus, the title of this blog today.

Truth: People hate Big Government unless they need it. In other words, they love Big Government when it helps them. This is the problem we true conservatives are going to have if we are to ever change a large majority of minds about the evils of the USA Federal Government.

Scientists hate farm subsidies but they love science grants. Taxpayers hate the tax system but love taking advantage of every loophole and nook and cranny. Seniors hate entitlements but they love taking from younger generations to finance Social Security and Medicare.

It’s madness I tell you . . . Madness!!!

That’s why I say: People LOVE Big Government!

How else do I know? Barack Obama won . . . twice! The National Debt keeps going up but a large majority wants the Government to keep spending. People hate Government intrusion but Obamacare got passed. What other proof do you need?

In my Govicide novels, the Masses love the One World Government as well. Even though the OWG kills innocent people on a daily basis. Even though everything within the civilization is crumbling. Even though the OWG promises a bright future but it doesn’t seem like anything has gotten better in a long time.

Thus, no amount of evidence changes their beliefs.

Are we really that far from that in the year 2014? I think not. People love Big Government.

Invasion Of Privacy

When the Government says it’s only doing this overseas, do you believe it?

NSA Snooping on Offline Computers

I personally don’t believe it . . . but that’s just me.

As I always do I preface this with the following statement: I understand the NSA and other agencies need to spy. I understand that there are people within the USA who want to terrorize USA citizens. I understand these terrorists/foreigners/criminals will do just about anything to bring down our country.

However, when a computer is offline, and never used for emailing/websurfing, etc., and there’s not a warrant or even a suspicion attached, that goes too far. I understand people in other countries have no expectations of privacy. But, citizens of the USA living in the USA do. And I can see this technology seeping into domestic computers without much problem.

In my Govicide novels, the OWG has this kind of computer set up from the beginning: It knows everything that people are doing on their computers whether the computers are online or not. Privacy and personal-space cannot be tolerated by a Government that needs to control everything.

And this is what can happen if the above technology is allowed to spread to the area within the borders of the USA.

Food Before Roads

LaHood is partially wrong: FL doesn’t have any potholes.

“America is one big pothole.”

There’s a lot of discussion in this story as to where the money goes. Neil Cavuto, who I highly respect, jokes that someone must’ve absconded off with the money. LaHood doesn’t seem to like the joke. But Neil isn’t far off.

Somebody, or more appropriately, something did run off with the money. And what was that? Every entitlement program enacted since the 1930’s. To put it more succinctly, it’s not a coincidence that every big building program LaHood mentions happened before Social Security, the War on Poverty, the Great Society, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, etc. We would have plenty of money for fixing potholes if these unconstitutional programs didn’t exist.

But how does this happen? It happens because people like free stuff more than they like smooth roads. They like money to spend on beer and weed more than they like a four lane road going to their favorite destinations. They sitting on their butt doing nothing more than they like safe bridges.

And there’s only so much money to go around despite our States and Federal Government going into deep debt. Thus, infrastructure suffers.

In my Govicide novels, the same is also true. Everything around the Masses is falling apart but somehow the One World Government delivers food on time. The sidewalks are crumbling but somehow the One World Government delivers at least a bit of healthcare to those it thinks deserves it.  Everybody’s rights are being invaded but the lights come on in most buildings.

Why? Food is more important to people than buildings. Medicine is more important than sidewalks. Lights are most important than rights . . . hey, that rhymes.

And this is very reason we cannot allow the Government to get involved in any of these unconstitutional pursuits. Because the things it is supposed to do will suffer. Moreover, as we’ve seen, Government doesn’t provide Goods and Services as well as the private sector. So, in the end, the Government won’t do anything well.

And that leads to a breakdown in any civilization.

Death Treatment

People really love dying in Europe:

The Doctor Who Kills People

Somewhere in this story is a joke that goes something like: People don’t kill people; doctors kill people. But, I’ll cover that a couple paragraphs down.

You know me if you have read this blog enough and listened to my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain. I am ALL about individual responsibility, individual freedom, and individual choices. However, I also know those beliefs aren’t absolute–it’s the very reason I think illicit drugs should stay illegal.

The truth about assisted suicide is it devalues life. It damages a nation’s culture. And it causes life to become nothing more than being part of a club–if I don’t like it, I can always quit. And just like anything that takes place in life, when you quit something, you de-value it. You quit smoking; it becomes less important. You quit school; it becomes less important. You quit your marriage; it becomes less important. 

Now, quitting smoking–I can go along with. But, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to state that when we eventually have waves and waves of people choosing to end their lives, it will have a detrimental effect on everyone who’s left living. Those people dying sends the living a message: Life ain’t worth it. And when a civilization decides life isn’t worth it, law and order will cease to mean anything. Life isn’t worth it–I might as well steal. Life isn’t worth it–I might as well kill. Life isn’t worth it–I might as well quit.

And no civilization can survive that thinking and behavior. The truth is assisted suicide undermines everything a country and doctors are supposed to be doing.

In my Govicide novels, assisted suicide is a way of life. When people get old, the One World Government kills them. They are no true “doctors” as we understand the term–people who cure patients. They are only people in white jackets who murder people–hey, that’s a kind of cure too, isn’t it? Of course, one of the reasons the OWG does this is because old people are expensive. Once again, “death panels,” anyone?

Remember, in a free society we strive to keep what we value. And when we don’t want to keep living, we de-value life. 

On A Whim

Hey, you can’t write a blog like this without alluding to this story:


I refuse to be baited into the political side of this like the ploy Sarah Palin is using: “Well, this is nothing compared to what Democrats do,” Etc. Etc. Etc. That’s too easy and doesn’t solve anything.

The truth is we as conservatives can teach EVERYONE a lesson because of this scandal. 

This is all very simple: This is what happens when Government gets too big. This what happens when Government lackeys can go to work and ruin thousands of people’s lives with one phone call. This is what happens when Government is used more for screwing enemies than protecting people’s rights.

And it all happens on a whim. No planning. No discussing. No weighing of the plusses and minuses. Nope. Instead, it’s “somebody must pay.”

All of this is exactly why the Founding Fathers wanted to start a new country. But, their country has now become the new King George III’s England of the 21st century.

In my Govicide novels you can predict that this kind of stuff happens as well. The Masses live under a kind of “reprieve,” never knowing when the One World Government will decide their time is up. As in the second novel, Survive, the Govicide Agents decide a large group of subjects who helped search for my main character must die. These people did as they were told and they are sentenced to die anyway.

Just as in New Jersey, the commuters there were made to suffer due to a petty, belligerent, arrogant government official–and I really don’t care if goes the whole way to Chris Christie or not. It all sucks no matter what.

It’s going on in every state and in the Federal Government every day . . . don’t forget that.

And you want the Government to be in charge of your healthcare!!!


Chipping Away

Looks like the Government wants to reduce us to cats and dogs:

Edible ID Microchips

What I mean by that is we all know how the popular thing these days is to get your dog or cat “microchip-ed” in case it gets lost. In fact, it may even be the law in many places.

Well, the Government wants to do that with us. But, it wants to go even farther. It’s not enough that they’ll be able to scan us and ID us against our will. They’ll be able to “read” our thoughts according to brain impulses going to the vocal chords and elsewhere.

I’m sure they’ll give some law enforcement reason for doing it, as they do for every invasion of our privacy. Distressingly, they’ll probably get away with it, too. There will be too many people who’ll think it’s cool and trendy. They’ll see the advantage of never having to carry their ID, credit cards, etc. with them anymore. Instead, the Government will use a scanner and poof, it will know everything it needs to know.

It’s creepy.

And that’s the exact reason I put that as the final straw that broke the camel’s back in my first Govicide novel, Comply. When my main character, Michael Locke, realizes the One World Government is a lie, he then understands how microchip implantations–something the OWG is planning to do–will make conditions even worse for the Masses.

I don’t know what we can do about the Government tracking phones, cars, planes, etc. But, we can never allow it to track ourselves, and especially get into our minds.

Knowledgeable Leadership

For some reason, this otherwise mundane story caught my eye:

Obama: Excessively High Temperatures

Of course, he was wrong: Look at the temperatures for today. It’s even 39 degrees here in Tampa, FL. And sure, it’s just the weather. Who cares, right? It was going to be 39 degrees on this day since the beginning of time no matter what man has done on the Earth. 

But, something is to be said for people who can accurately predict the future. I don’t mean it in a mystical or magical type of way. I mean it in a way where a person can observe what is going on around them and make an educated guess about what will happen next. It shows a person has a handle on how the world works. Why it works. And most importantly: What doesn’t work.

What gets in the way of this is bias-ness–When you allow your personal preferences, hopes, dreams, etc. to get in the way of the facts. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re a leader of a country and your knowledge guides legislation and issues of importance.

Let me give you an example. See, most people in history look back at Reagan’s insistence that the Soviet Union would fail as an example of his hardcore conservatism. That he was supposed to say that since conservatives are supposed to be strong anti-communists. If you buy that argument, you’re saying Reagan was allowing his conservatism–his bias-ness–to guide his prediction.

But that wasn’t it at all.

The truth was he thought the Soviet Union would fail because he understood people. He understood humanity. He understood communism doesn’t work. Plus, he had classified information showing the Soviet Union wasn’t in as good a shape as everyone thought.

He was knowledgeable. And from that he could shape USA policy to make sure it did everything to put even more pressure on the other Cold War superpower. Moreover, he recognized that people who insisted the Soviet Union would continue to thrive were biased. Thus, their opinions had to be rejected.

This issue pops up in my Govicide novels, specifically the first one, Comply. The Govicide Department’s Director, last name, Stallings, is confronted with info that Free Enterprisers–people who reject the One World Government–are on the move. That they’re conspiring against Govicide, the Exalted Ruler, and the OWG. 

But Stallings rejects the info because of his bias-ness. He believes no one would be stupid enough to oppose him and the OWG. He believes the One World Government is perfect, so why would anyone oppose it. He believes the Masses are provided with everything, so they’d rise up to protect the OWG from any intrusion, if in fact Free Enterprisers even exist.

This un-appreciation of the facts costs Stallings and the OWG. And it’s all caused because they allow their bias-ness to rule the day instead of the facts. 

We must remember something in 21st century USA: People who are biased are not knowledgeable. 















Did anybody else catch this story:

FBI Changes Primary Mission

It’s so subtle, isn’t it? Yes, I read the entire article and I appreciate the point trying to be made. I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that agencies that attached themselves to “national security” have an easier time acquiring government resources.

However, “law enforcement” and “national security” aren’t the same. And they’re much different when you think about it. In the former, the FBI must wait until the Congress decides what laws should exist. In the latter, the FBI is not constrained by the legislative process–if it determines something to be against “national security,” the agency has permission to act.

One is ultimately controlled by the election process, the other is controlled by . . . nothing. 

As soon as I read the article, I thought of the Govicide Department in my sci-fi novels. It’s a “bureau,” if you will, that is tasked with one job: Protecting the One World Government’s interests. Not: Protecting the Masses’ interests. Not: Protecting freedom’s interests. 

No, instead, whatever Govicide decides isn’t in the interest of the OWG is considered to be illegal. Thus, it can go anywhere and it can do anything. And as I sit here I have a hard time distinguishing the difference between that and the “re-definition” of the FBI’s mission. Hey, “national security” could cover anything, any action in the world, whether by enemy or not.

And if I know that, then the power-that-be know that. And they changed the FBI’s mission anyway. That should tell you something.

Yep, Death Panels

And Sarah Palin was “crazy” . . . 

Hospices Gearing Up

Well, I guess there’s one small part of the health private sector that will make more money under Obamacare. Too bad it’s not cancer doctors. Or heart specialists. Or addiction centers.

Granted, all these hospices are doing is seeing an opportunity and taking advantage.

But, that’s what we as conservatives hate about Big Government. When it gets involved, there are gonna be lots of losers and just a few winners, if any. This time the winner happens to be a group who needs dying people. So, it seems logical that Government will provide these hospices with as many as possible. 

Sure, I wouldn’t go as far as to say these hospices love the “death panels” section of Obamacare, but they aren’t going to be not be prepared for them either. Maybe I’m just naive but I would hope there’d be some leader within the hospice industry who would speak up and say: This isn’t right. We shouldn’t be gearing up for more dying patients. We shouldn’t be advertising more. No, we want people to live. We want them to live long lives. And we shouldn’t use Obamacare as a way to fill our beds because it’s morally wrong, and it’s bad for the healthcare system as a whole.

Nope, no one’s ever gonna do that.

In my Govicide novels, there are no hospices. In fact, there aren’t even many hospitals. To continue living is a gift granted by the One World Government. Thus, when the OWG doesn’t want someone around anymore, the person turns himself in without argument. At the first sign of terminal illness, the OWG executes the person.

Obamacare will grow to be somewhat the same. And yes, I do believe there will eventually be people who turn themselves in because they don’t want to be a burden to the Government.

But, Sarah Palin was crazy . . .