World Dominance

Never say that socialists don’t want world control:

Global Tax On Wealth

It’s funny: You never hear about capitalists/free marketers/individualists who hell-bent on controlling the world. You never hear them saying something needs to be forced on every person on the Earth in an effort to make the world “better.” You never hear conservatives that freedom needs to be forced upon people, whether they like it or not.

But socialists? They see a social engineering experiment wherever they look. Why are they like this? Because they don’t want anybody to be able to escape their grasp. Even if there was only one country on the Earth that was capitalistic, and the rest of the World was socialist, it still wouldn’t make them happy. They try long and hard to conquer that one country, even at the expense of many of their own.

So, it’s no surprise I tapped this observation and put it in my Govicide novels. The One World Government controls the entire Earth–and it’s as communist as can be. And my books give a very good picture of what would happen if there was no other place left to run.

Whereas, in a capitalist world, there will always be choices.

Government Stalking

Who knows what this is about . . . 

Journalist Followed By P.I.

I’m not sure what to make of this except to say that I don’t believe the P.I. or the company he works for. (On a side note, I wish I was that important/controversial/dangerous that the Government felt it needed to follow me.)

And I’m pretty sure the Government is behind it since only the Government would hire a company that would tail a target and get caught doing it. So, there’s that. 

As I write this, this reminds me of the reporter–what was her name–who claimed somebody had hacked into her computer. And she believed it to be an organization with the Federal Government. So, I guess we can’t dismiss her case or this case as one-off’s. It appears to me that keeping tabs on reporters is part of the Obama Administration’s modus operandi. 

In my Govicide novels, I don’t specifically talk about stalking of anyone. Instead, the One World Government has access to everyone’s computers already. And it has the ability to track any vehicle–plane, train, car, or boat–anywhere. So, “stalking” is part of the civilization–it simply doesn’t have investigators actually tailing people.

Either way, journalists being followed by people working for the Government can’t be good for a society. It has to stop.

Out Of Touch

Nope. Not surprised by this at all:

Hillary Hasn’t Driven A Car Since 1996

Granted, the roads of America are probably safer because of it. But . . . as I posted on my Twitter feed, @DentzelDomain: It’s hard for a person to care about gas prices when the person doesn’t drive. And she wants to be our next President (c’mon, we know she’s gonna run).

This is an example of a bigger problem in the USA. Hillary Clinton isn’t the only politician whose guilty of being out of touch. Lots of Republican politicians can be put in the same category. And my belief is people can’t adequately lead if they don’t know what it’s like to be the average citizen.

Driving would definitely fall into the sector of being an experience of the common person.

In fact, it could be the problems we have in the USA come from the fact that D.C. is increasingly disconnected from the rest of the country–even the liberal parts. I think a lot of that is done on purpose because many of our leaders look down on us. But, I think a lot of the disconnect comes naturally–the truth is D.C. is a different place, no matter if politicians drive their own cars or not. The people who “work” there have jobs that are unique, much different than anything else that goes on in the country. So, it would stand to be different.

But, it’s a little too different . . .

In my Govicide novels, the leadership of the One World Government is disconnected from the Masses on purpose. They don’t want to have anything to do with the subjects who are forced to work for the OWG every day. And I did this to show that the more leadership is disconnected from the average citizen, the worse the country is.

And the problem is growing in the USA.

Forced Poverty

I fear this is a sign of things to come:

HSBC Blocks Withdrawals

It’s bad enough that there have been threats to people’s retirements accounts such as their 401k’s. Now, banks–probably with a little coercing from the government–are limiting withdrawals as well.

I realize banks do this to protect against fraud and theft. But there’s something about this particular story that seems outrageous. Especially since the bank is determining whether the account owner really needs the money or not. I mean, whose money is it exactly?

This shouldn’t surprise us. Every bank in the world works on a fractional basis. Meaning, it is allowed to loan out more cash than it has in deposits. As I once read: It’s kind of like 7 different people owning one motorcycle. And each gets to ride on only one particular day of the week. This arrangement works until one of the owners wants to ride the bike on a Tuesday instead of his regular day. What happens? He goes to the garage and the motorcycle isn’t there.

It’s the same way with banking. If the bank has too much money loaned out, it’s possible for you to go to the bank and not be able to get any cash before your money is being used for somebody else’s loan. True story.

In my Govicide novels, the Masses aren’t allowed to save their credits. If they don’t use them during the course of a month, they’re taken away and then issued new ones. Thus, creating a situation where nothing can be saved. And if you can’t save, you can’t become rich. Thus, forced poverty.

This is exactly what comes to mind when I hear people can’t get their hands on their own money.

A Touch Too Much

Perfect reason why I identify as “conservative” first and “Republican” about fifth:

The McDonnell’s Corruption

This is the kind of stuff that drives every citizen nuts, no matter conservative or liberal.

The point I’d like to make about this, though, is I’m sure if you would’ve told the McDonnell’s 10 years ago that they’d be wrapped up in this they would’ve denied it. But, as we are discovering more and more, Big Government–at the State or Federal level–changes people. There’s so much money. There’s so much power. It’s the exact reason all Government must be shrunk.

There’s just something about touching power that wilts most people, turning them into power grabbers and extorters.

In my Govicide novels, my main character, Michael Locke, discovers this. He becomes a Govicide Agent and immediately feels the power of the One World Government flowing through him. It’s only with the help of Hamilton–a Free Enterpriser–that Michael resists these feelings and stays on the correct path of finding out the OWG is a huge lie. But, it’s not easy for him.

Here in 2014, I’m not sure what we can do about people lusting for power. It’s probably part of our human nature. The only action we can take is keep Government as small as possible.

Entertainment Too!

Government is everywhere:

Obamacare in TV & Film

One more sign liberals will never ever stop trying to tell you what’s good for you. You. Must. Do. As. They. Say! I can foresee a time when none of us will ever be able to get away from pro-big government messages.

Meaning (and to paraphrase  a well-known entertainment saying): If you think Hollywood is liberal now, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

And never think this is some kind of coincidence. This is all part of the plan to make sure no one ever grows up to be a conservative. They are attacking us from all fronts.

In my Govicide novels, and has it has been in all repressive regimes, the Government uses entertainment as a way to further its agenda. Every film, book, or tv show speaks favorably of the One World Government and the job it does for the Masses.

I guess the issue we have in the USA is all of the liberals in entertainment know this. They know current and former regimes used propaganda through entertainment to further their control over people. Yet, somehow, they think they’re different, as if all of that prior history doesn’t mean anything.

Or, it could be Hollywood loves the former Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany, and the current regimes in China and North Korea. Actually, that’s probably very close to the truth.

Get Out!

I’m sure everybody has heard about this:

Cuomo Want Conservatives To Leave NY

Liberals should remember one thing: They need us more than we need them. Maybe this is what’s running through the Governor’s head as he now backtracks on his words. Socialists need as many people under their power as possible so they can soak citizens for as much as is possible.

The truth is conservatives have been leaving the Northeast for decades now–that’s why it turned blue so fast. These people didn’t need a governor to tell them that they weren’t desired there.

Not to give too much away but in my Govicide novels, a very similar migration happens–people of a certain freedom-loving ilk recognize the times are getting dangerous for them so they vanish. In essence, they leave civilization and allow the socialists of the World to energize the One World Government the way they want.

Isn’t it funny: Socialists never leave freedom–they try to change it. While conservatives flee tyranny, just wanting to be left alone.

A Common Theme

This is simply another story furthering a common theme on this blog:

Obama Blames Racism

If you learn anything from this blog, my podcast, my Twitter feed, etc., you should remember that socialists/liberals/communists/collectivists are never ever going to admit their policies don’t work. No matter how obvious. No matter how evident. No matter if the World is crumbling all around them.

Instead, they’ll shift blame to whoever is convenient. And, if they can’t do that, they’ll claim nothing is wrong. Where do you think the term, “new normal,” comes from?

Now, behind the scenes? Who knows . . . I’m not sure if Obama really believes what he is saying or not. But, that doesn’t even matter. The only situation that matters is what he is willing to cop to . . . and that is nothing.

In my Govicide novels, as I’ve stated before, the same is true. The One World Government tells the Masses everything is fine. And if it’s not fine, it’s because somebody is trying to work against the OWG. You know, kinda like how Kim Jung Un claimed his uncle was ruining North Korea by his alleged backroom deal. Yeah . . . right.

Remember: Never expect the other side to admit wrongdoing.

Government Science

I agree with this post at HotAir:

Crappy Scientific Research

. . . but somehow everyone involved in the article including Jazz Shaw himself ignore a major point: Much of scientific research is financed by some form of government, whether it be Federal, State, Local. This research could even take form as a study done by a college or university. In the end, all of it is Government money.

And, as we know, Government has an agenda. So it can’t re relied upon to come to un-biased conclusions.

I laugh when I read the excuses the researchers use: They don’t understand the math they’re using. C’mon, cannot they not find some expert statistician to give them a hand?

Or, they’re pressured to publish something? Hey, all of you could never publish another paper the rest of your lives and this is one guy who would be fine with it.

But, we know why they feel pressured: Because they can’t make big bucks otherwise. And where do those big bucks come from? The Government. And we don’t really believe that they’re going to publish anything that contradicts they’re financiers, do we?

The truth is this: The financing of research by Government is one of the most unrespected problem of our time. We can’t allow Government to shade how we view and understand the World. All science must be independent.

In my Govicide novels, you can see what happens when the Government controls science. What happens? Nobody knows anything. Why? Because the Government finds it easier to control people when they’re clueless.

All you researchers out there, do your work on your own, please. Reject Government money.

Power And Knowledge

This is a fascinating article although I’m not sure I agree with every word:

The Death Of Experts

This is kind of a different take on one of my favorite podcast topics: Know-It-All-ism. In fact, conservatism stems from the idea that the Government shouldn’t be an expert on how people should run their lives. It sets easy to follow laws and then allows people to make decisions for themselves.

In this article’s case, the author seems to believe the World should be some kind of technocracy–Financial “experts” control the markets, Engineering “experts” control construction, health “experts” run the healthcare (sound familiar?), etc., etc., etc. And that’s a setup I couldn’t agree with at all.

The tough part is how is an “expert” defined. Education? Experience? Money made? Political connections? Each one of these has plusses and minuses.

What’s more accurate to say about this article is to say that more and more people simply want to control other people without sufficient knowledge about anything. Our Federal Government is a perfect example of that. As I’ve stated many times: Laws and politicians don’t cure people; doctors do. But politicians are making all the health laws in this country despite most of them not having any medical expertise.

In my Govicide novels, this setup is taken to its logical end where people who know nothing about anything run the World, much to the detriment of the Masses. However, having written the books, I can honestly say that if I would’ve written a book about “experts” running the world, I’m not sure my conclusions put into fiction form would be much different.

The only answer is this: No matter how knowledgeable or un-knowledgeable our leaders are, they must allow people to guide their lives themselves. They must resist their lust for power. And if they are experts, they must hesitate in trying to run people’s lives through stats and facts.

Any other setup leads to disaster.