It doesn’t look like we’re making our intended impression on Radical Islam:

Comedians Fear Islam

You know when Monty Python is afraid to make of fun of something that things are serious. Unfortunately, they try to lump Christianity in with all the Islamic Kooks. Truth: The next time a Christian kills a comedian due to an anti-Jesus joke will be the first time. 

This story goes to show, though, that just because we have free speech rights protected by the Government doesn’t mean people still feel comfortable speaking their beliefs–in joke form or not. Governments must have the courage to go after those in the private sector–religion or not–who try to stop people from voicing their opinions. And this is where we begin to understand that free speech is not just about talking about Government but it’s also about not allowing others to intimidate you into silence. 

Let’s face it: Radical Islam is in the business of intimidation. It is the bully of the World.

What this story also shows is people can be force into silence without there ever being a law on the books trying to control speech. People will keep their mouths shut just from experience and seeing what has happened to people that spoke out before them–and didn’t live much past that.

In my Govicide novels, this is how the One World Government does things. There’s no law on the books saying people can say anything they want. Instead, if someone speaks out against the OWG, the person disappears. That’s all people need to know. Yes, the OWG is completely atheistic but it shares a lot of qualities with Radical Islam.

This is the exact reason we all should be armed. This is the reason we can’t allow sharia law in the USA. This is the reason we must have Government leaders who aren’t afraid of these Radical Islamists who are nothing but bullies who should be punched in the mouth. 

We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated. 


Rabbit blood is vaccine for AIDS? At least it’s creative.

Grant Money for fake AIDS vaccine

Liberals will tell you that expanding Government keeps corruption down. Why? Because they believe most corruption happens in the private sector.

This isn’t true. 

The truth is all you have to do is look at the current Government of China to see the exact opposite is the case. Sure, the USA has a corruption problem at the Federal level. But, it’s dwarfed by the shenanigans that happen in Mao’s country. Moreover, look at North Korea–the most corrupt Government, and most communist, on the Earth.

This vaccine story is an example of why this happens. Bigger Government means a bigger budget. A bigger budget means more money to be thrown around. More money to be thrown around means more people are trying to get at it–doing whatever it takes including claiming rabbit blood can cure AIDS. 

Whereas, we all know Government shouldn’t have anything to do with the curing of anything. But, that’s Big Government.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government is as corrupt as any the Earth has ever seen. Yes, the Masses don’t know this. But, as my main character becomes a Govicide Agent he gets to see what goes on behind the scenes. In fact, it’s the corruption, along with the lies, that cause him to abandon the OWG and eventually fight it against it.

We as conservatives must do the same.

Out To Dry

A microcosm of why you shouldn’t rely too much on Government:

Oregon residents become their own sheriff’s

I will admit I like why this county went broke–for the record. I’m against all subsidies for business and individuals. So, this situation is brought about by a step in the right direction.

However, it should also show all of us that when Government’s go broke, “essential departments” become a bit relative. For example, I’m sure this county is still providing assistance to lower income residents, among other programs. But, it just can’t find any money for law enforcement. 

Thus, it has hung these people out to dry.

This is exactly why we as conservatives profess that we shouldn’t rely so much on Government. Because when times get tough it will decide to stop providing services that considered essential. It’s the exact reason we have fought against entitlements. It’s the exact reason we have fought against Government becoming engaged in every part of our lives. Sooner or later, it’s going to hang you out to dry.

In my Govicide novels, the Masses become reliant on the One World Government for everything. And many of them pay for it with their lives when the OWG decides it can’t provide for everyone anymore. The people have become so dependent they don’t know how to provide for themselves. 

Luckily, the people in Oregon haven’t gotten there yet when it comes to law enforcement. But every day we all get a little bit closer to being hung out to dry.


I’ll give you all this nice tidbit on Christmas. Have a Merry one, by the way.

Drunk Kim Jung Un Issues Execution Orders

This is the very kind of thing that our system of Government is supposed to prevent. No person should live in a system where their existence depends on what side of the bed the ruler wakes up on from day to day. Or, what the Dictator had for lunch. Or, whether his favorite team won.

That’s how they live in North Korea, and every other regime around the World. 

But it seems that the USA is getting closer and closer to this kind of governance. We have laws but more and more we seem to make things up as we go along. A law is passed–like Obamacare–and then Obama decides to alter himself, on a whim. If something doesn’t fit his liking, he issues an Order changing.

Sure, it’s efficient. But, Government isn’t supposed to be efficient. In fact, it’s inefficiency is something we hope for–it’s also the reason we as conservatives don’t like putting economic issues in the hands of Government.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government rules on a whim as well. If it doesn’t like something, it changes it. Doesn’t matter who benefits and who is hurt–the Masses have no say. Every day subjects in the OWG wake up not knowing who will live and who will die when the OWG makes a decision.

That isn’t freedom. And we should oppose any step in that direction by the Federal Government of the USA.

They Want Machines

I get the feeling too many people are going to like this:

Computerized People

In some huge building somewhere in Washington D.C., some power-mongering bureaucrat is reading this story and is salivating like a Pavlov dog. No need for cameras or the NSA. With a click of a button, the Government will be able to tap into people’s minds to see what they’re doing and what they’re thinking about doing.

And like I said above, some people are going to like this. 

Sure, the article talks about how great this is going to be for certain people with certain diseases. But it will be the healthy people, the independent people, the freedom-loving people who will suffer. That’s why I say what Governments really want are machines, not humans. They want devices they can program and track, control and disable. This is where this combining of computers and humans will lead.

In my Govicide novels, the computerizing of people is what push my main character, Michael Locke, over the edge in embracing a new way of life and opposing the One World Government. After learning many lessons from the master criminal/individualist, Hamilton, and seeing things aren’t exactly as they seem within the OWG, Michael knows the implanting of chips and computers in people will only make it worse for the Masses. Thus, he decides to oppose the OWG with everything he has.

We all should do the same. It’s already too much that there are computers spying on us in our cars. Too many traffic cams. Too many NSA hackers with nothing better to do than see what we’re doing online. 

But, once they’re inside our minds, it’s over. We become machines.

Doing For Yourself

Sometimes there are no words:

Can’t Wash Car in Driveway

This is no different than the shutting down of children’s lemonade stands. Wasn’t there also a girl who was selling mistletoe to finance her education? . . . something like that. This also reminds me of the stories out there of HOA’s dictating what residences can  and can’t do down to the square inch–the HOA’s end up looking like non-executing versions of Kim Jong Un.

Of course, in my Govicide novels, no one owns an automobile. But the concept is kind of the same: Subjects of the Masses are not allowed to do for themselves.

Because that’s the only logical conclusion you can come to in the above story: If you can’t wash your own car in your own driveway, I guess it means the owner must take his car to get it done.

Governments all over the World are trying to squash the self-sufficiency that is part of human nature. If it succeeds, we all become slaves.

No More Racism

I don’t know if I even mentioned this theme in my books yet. But this story reminded me:

Obama’s brother “too white”

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government (OWG) solves the racism issue of the world pretty quickly. It mandates no one is allowed to procreate with a person of the same race. In a couple generations every subject of the Earth would be a mixture of various races. Thus, no racism.

See how easily a world problem can be fixed with a little Government force.

Now, how many people would go along with that? White people can’t have sex with white people. Blacks can’t have babies with other blacks. Asians, etc., etc., etc.

Probably not too many even though most people will admit racism is a problem and the law might just work. People believe they should be able to have sex with whoever they want. I agree.

But how is this any different than Government getting involved in healthcare? Or business? Or private property?

On one hand people admit racism is one of the biggest problems of the World but they don’t want a Government fix that theoretically could work. But on these other topics which seem like less of a problem, they want Government jumping in with both feet even though Government has proven it can’t manage anything.

I’m confused. I don’t think Government should be involved in any of it but I know I’m in the minority. That’s okay. I’ll keep fighting.

The Minority Report

This kind of story reminds me of that film with Tom Cruise:

Prediction of Future Crime in TX

I know many people on both sides of the aisle won’t like this story. They’ll agree with the dissenting judge that this is an overreach by the state of TX. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this case gets overturned if the plaintiffs choose to take it further.

However, I think the outrage about this is misplaced. And I hope people don’t waste too much energy allowing this story to keep them up at night.

The truth is this: When the Government wants you, it’s gonna come and get you, warrant or not. That is what history tells us. The “prediction of future crime” isn’t a sign we’re descending into a police state. That we have a Government as large as ours is a sign we’re getting close to a police state. This future crime stuff is a mere by-product of government size. No small Government at the State or Federal level would ever have the resources to sit around and try to figure out the future. Remember, in the movie, they used  people with special, “mystical” skills–not hard evidence and government studies.

I mention all this because in my Govicide novel series, the OWG (One World Government) whisks people out of their homes although they weren’t doing anything illegal. Simply, the Government decided it was their turn to die. And made it happen–just like Kim Jung Un had his uncle executed and then proceeded to delete him from North Korean history.

In my books, there was no small step of “future crime” between a world based on freedom and then the next based on tyranny. I wrote it that way because history’s been that way. Sure, sometimes the Government will cook up some charges to make it look good. But, usually it’s just people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I don’t think we can stay that about those meth cookers in TX.

So, don’t worry about this. Start worrying when the Government, without warrants or anything else, start whisking people away who don’t have meth ingredients in their house.

All Government, All The Time

The #1, numero uno, best way to tell if your Government has gotten too big?

Obamacare Discussion During Christmas

The best way to know is if the Government won’t let you do anything without it being involved. In fact, you don’t need to know how many people work in Government, you don’t need to know its budget, you don’t need to know if it’s in debt, etc. All you need to know is how much it tries to wedge itself into your life.

Look at the repressive regimes of history: Soviet Union, the Nazis, Italy, Japan, current China, North Korea. They’ve existed at different times. Different cultures, Different languages. Different population sizes. Different size budgets.

But, the point joining all of them is a citizen couldn’t/can’t do anything without the Government being a part of it. 

In the Soviet Union, if you traveled within the country, you needed “your papers.” The Nazis wanted neighbors to spy on each other. In China, if you want to surf the Internet, the Government knows about it. In North Korea, well . . . I think we all know.

Now, here in the USA, the Obama Administration wants to be a part of your Christmas celebration. It’s not enough for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Nope, the Administration wants Obamacare to be a topic of conversation. Whatever happened to that saying, “Never discuss religion or politics?”

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government handles the Masses’ affairs the same way. Subjects can’t turn in any direction without knowing the Government is there–following them, tracking them, dominating a person’s mind on a daily basis. In all cases, both factual and fictional, the Government does this because it doesn’t want its citizens to realize they can survive on their own. The regime must be respected. It must worshipped. It must be seen as the giver of all that is good.

So parents, while you’re telling your 20-something year old about the importance of Obamacare, remember you’re taking our society one step closer to the brink. 

Your Savings

At some point, enough people are going to realize this: The Government wants all your money.

Medicaid Patients Shocked

You know this is bad if The Daily Kos is complaining about it.

However, don’t think this will stop the Federal Government. This kind of news isn’t new. There are still bills in Congress circulating around about getting their hands on your 401k. Many people of dubious ideologies support confiscating all dead people’s assets, despite the deceased having a will or trust. Furthermore, we know how the Government within the last 10 years has had no problem stealing private property because it wasn’t being used for the right purpose–whatever that means.

This happens because Government doesn’t want you to be self-sufficient. I mean, what do you think Obamacare is about? It’s about reliance on Government for your health. And the reason Government wants the money you save is because that money makes you independent from Government. And the powers-that-be don’t want that. 

And they’ll do anything to get at the money you’ve saved.

In my Govicide series, the Masses are not allowed to save credits. If they don’t use them, they’re taken away at the end of the month and then given new ones at the beginning of the next. It’s the perfect way to keep their attention on getting more from the Government and expecting less from themselves. 

Saving money and keeping it away from the Government is not just a way to retire. It’s a way to stay independent.