A Sure Sign Of Dictatorship

This is probably one of the most bizarre but predictable things that’s happened at the Federal Government level recently:

Sebelius: It Never Crashed

I didn’t realize how relevant this was to my book series until hours after it happened.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government continues to tell all of its subjects that everything is fine as buildings, roads, bridges, vehicles, and their own lives crumble. This is primarily a theme in the first book, Comply, as my main character, Michael Locke, discovers things aren’t as they seem.

What I discovered while preparing to write that book is that denial of the obvious is a trait of dictatorships. The Romans did it. The Nazis did it. The Soviet Union did it. China and North Korea do it. I even remember Iraq having a spokesman during the 2003 invasion that denied American troops were winning the battles in that country. Remember that?

It’s kind of like the guy who gets caught in bed with his wife’s best friend: Who are you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Well, the Federal Government wants us to believe it, not what we see around us. Not what we see on the Internet. Not what we hear on the radio. Not what we read on blogs such as this one. It doesn’t just want control; it needs control. Because that’s the only way it can get people to go along with all these crazy schemes.

Once again, a major theme of my books playing itself out in the year 2013.


I think I knew this before I read this article. But, it’s excellent nonetheless:

Risk and Pro-Life

When an author goes about creating a fiction world, he has to contemplate a lot of ideas. How do things relate? How do iron out contradictions? How did the world get to the place it is in the novel?

And, it’s interesting that authors who’ve gone about writing political sci-fi books create a world where people take no risks. In none of the well-known novels–1984, Fahrenheit 451, Atlas Shrugged . . . and my own–you don’t read about people jumping out of jets, surfing, skiing, etc. Everybody just goes about their daily lives–to work and to home, to work and to home, to work and to home.

For example, throughout my three novels my main character, Michael Locke, is told that people used to live differently. There used to be a time where life was more fun. People took chances. They took on life or death circumstances to test themselves.

Furthermore, like his woman states in the article, I also found through my logical progressions of creating the Govicide series that being pro-abortion doesn’t lead to the free-for-all, hedonistic world we think. In fact, it takes us in the opposite direction where people plan every single minutiae. In fact, it’s that pro-life attitude that gives a culture that zest for challenging one’s self. It’s experiencing daring hobbies that show us how rich life can be. And when we taste that, we have a desire to see more of it in the world.

Thus, more babies are born and not aborted. This woman is on to something. And so was I in my Govicide series when I started writing it 3 years ago.

Being Watched

Not all surveillance is done undercover, some of it is right out in the open:

Mining Social Media

Let there be no doubt: One way or another the Federal Government is going to try to perfect you. For what reason? I have my suspicions but I will save them for another post.

As for this particular article, the same kind of “government oversight” is done in my Govicide novels. The One World Government also controls what its subjects do in order to keep them healthy and productive. The reason? The subjects must do the OWG’s work. They must be healthy enough to follow the OWG’s orders. They must be watched over so they don’t do anything to hurt the OWG or other citizens.

And, of course, that’s how every dictatorship starts.

It’s creepy. But I’m not sure a majority of people think like I do. 30 years ago this would’ve creeped everyone out. Not now due to everybody exposing their entire life history online. This enjoyment we have online with eventually be to our detriment.

You heard it here first at The Govicide Blog.

The Rich

This article is on one of my favorite websites on the Internet:

The Rich and Dictators

Before I go any further, I want to tell you that I love rich people. I think they’re verbally amused way too much in our world. They’re taxed too much. Regulated too much. Etc., etc., etc.

However, I also know rich people will always have options as the World gets closer and closer to Armageddon. Whereas, the average person will not.

Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged portrayed a few well-off people as the ones who would resist her world’s move toward collectivism. I love that book. But, more and more, I think she gets it wrong.

Frankly, there aren’t enough rich people to make a difference if they were to “check out” from society. In my Govicide series, I choose a different belief: It will be the average people–the middle class, if you will–who won’t give in to the movement toward a socialistic society. And in trilogy, the rich go along with the One World Government when it is formed.

Why? Because, in the end, they have the most to lose and there are enough of them that their numbers could be scary to a controlling Government. In addition, they aren’t poor enough, or lazy enough, to get Government benefits. But, they aren’t rich enough to manipulate circumstances in their favor.

So, I think this article gets it somewhat correct. But, of course, I put it in fiction 3 years before this article was published.

My Govicide series can be found at Amazon, Smashwords, and iTunes.

Forced Work

This is very bad news:

More Welfare Recipients Than Full-Time Workers

But in my Govicide series, I have even worse news. It’s gonna get real ugly when these people who are sitting on their couches are forced to go back to work.

You see, it takes a certain amount of people working for a country to function. However, as more and more people discover they don’t have to work to get stuff, more people will go on the public dole.

Well, that works for a while. But, at some point, there will be a tipping point where no one will be allowed to quit their jobs because the country won’t function otherwise. In addition, all these people sitting at home will be told they need to go back to work.

Do you think they’ll go willingly?

I doubt it.

My belief is that this welfare state will lead us all to slavery through this sequence of events. The cycle needs to be broken. We need to end entitlements of all kinds now.

Or, we’ll create the world I’ve created in my Govicide series of books.


Edward Snowden continues to be a wealth of information:

All Phone Calls Recorded 

I guess it’s not surprise that you find intrusive surveillance in a dystopian novel. My Govicide series is no different. I guess what surprises me is how it exploded so quickly after I started to publish my books.

In my books, people have to be careful what they say on the phone because computer programs sample conversations for certain words. As in real life, phones can track people from cell tower to cell tower.

So, if a person wants to get around the One World Government surveillance, he or she has to be crafty in my books, usually going to the lengths of not carrying a phone at all. Luckily, in real life, it doesn’t seem like most people are going along with what the Federal Government has been doing over the years. In my books, people like it because they believe the OWG is there to help and protect them.

I lean toward the side that says Government has no business tracking people and listening to an average citizens phone calls. Government eavesdropping on law-abiding citizens can only lead to tyranny.


Good news for once. Kind of . . .

I saw this article and I thought of a plot point from the last book in my Govicide trilogy, Resist.

Obamacare Full Of Security Dangers

Not to give too much away but in my book the One World Government finds out what happens when a system of linked computers runs a Government entitlement program. Yes, those computers keep track of everyone and keep everything efficient.

On the other hand, those same computers can allow an outsider with a different message to have access to those same people.

Enough said.


I saw this article and thought I should explain why drugs aren’t mentioned in my sci-fi series:

More People Supporting Marijuana Legalization 

If you listen to my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain, you know I’m against illicit drug legalization, including weed. My opinion is based on the idea that you can’t have a civilized country when a large group of people, even if it’s a minority, are intent on making their minds less effective every day.

However, in my Govicide books, my main characters don’t know about drugs because the One World Government has made them illegal. But, it has made them illegal for very different reasons than why I would make/keep them illegal.

And I think the motivation matters despite the outcome being the same.

The OWG wants drugs illegal because it understands people can’t be loyal to the Government when an addiction clouds their minds. The OWG wants loyalty to one thing: the OWG. Whereas, addicts can only be loyal to one thing: Their addiction. A man cannot have two masters. Subjects can’t be productive if their minds are clouded. They can’t work for the OWG if they can’t follow orders from high above.

Whereas, my aversion to legalizing drugs comes from understanding that addicts can’t respect rights. They steal, they lie, they violate, they kill, they ruin. For example, which would you rather have living next door to you: a man who makes his own wine, or a man who makes his crystal meth? A man who makes his own beer, or a man who grows his own marijuana? A man who makes his own cigars, or a man who cuts his own cocaine?

We all know the correct answers to those questions. So, just because I am for continued drug enforcement doesn’t mean I’m for a crazy, controlling Government like the OWG.

The Police State

I’m not a fan of the InfoWars website but I saw this link on the Drudge Report:

People Love The Police State

I realize that all sorts of people and organizations do questionnaires like this. And we must remember: They edit out all of the people who correctly reject signing the petitions. For example, when they do “Man On The Street” on Sean Hannity’s show or Jay Leno–they edit out the rational people. I mean, it’s not entertaining if people don’t make idiots of themselves.

However, I do believe that if a police state were to happen on this Earth it would happen without firing a shot and the Masses would believe it to be an improvement over current conditions. Not to say that it wouldn’t be violent–it would be. The violence, though, would be behind closed doors as people disappear without explanation. There will be no great civil war between freedom fighters and the police state villains. Trust me.

More likely, as I explain in my Govicide series, the people who believe in freedom will check out one by one, allowing those who believe in the police state to kill themselves over time. And it won’t be the Prime Movers as Ayn Rand believed in Atlas Shrugged.

The people who will revolt by “checking out” will be the common man and woman who know they have no bargaining chips in totalitarian state. Rich and powerful people always have options–you and I do not. So, we must be aware and vigilant and prepare for the time when the Earth has gotten to the place where there is no turning back.


I absolutely loved this article:

Tea Partiers Smarter Than People Think They Are

Knowing stuff–to put it as simple and blunt as possible–is underrated. Knowing how the world works. Knowing what has happened before you were here on this planet. And more so, knowing what will happen if certain actions are taken.

So, knowledge is more than facts and figures. It means being intuitive and understanding how your current circumstances are similar to what someone has experienced before you. Although there may be new technology popping up all the time, how the world works is still the same as 2000 years ago.

This is a main theme of all three of my books. A person can never know enough about anything. In fact, my main characters use what they learn throughout the book to outwit those who don’t know how the world worked before the One World Government came to power.

If the Earth is truly going to dive into chaos some day, the only thing that will save anybody is knowledge. And those who are ignorant will perish. It’s the way of the world and not amount of government control or technology can change that.