The subjects in my Govicide books–Comply, Survive, and Resist–know nothing about religion, since throughout history totalitarian governments have seen religion as their main enemy. And the attack on religion in reality, mainly against Christianity, has been going on in the USA for a long time now. Ten Commandments taken out of courtrooms. Catholic schools forced to provide birth control for their emloyees and students. And most recently, a court determined a photographer couldn’t object to taking pictures at lesbian ceremony despite it being against her religious beliefs.

Now, I’m not here to Bible beat anyone. I’m not a big church-goer even though I do consider myself to be a Christian.

What I know, and I tried to express it in my books, is that as much as atheists talk about the Crusades and how “all wars” are fought over religion, no authoritative group has killed more people on this Earth than atheists. Nazis. Stalin’s Purges. Untold millions murdered in China. North Korea. Not to mention all the people who tried to escape those countries and got killed. And that’s just in the 20th Century.

Radical Muslims, the Crusades, Israel, etc. can’t touch those atheists’ death count. Why? Atheists, when it gets to crunch time, see no value in human life if it doesn’t concern the State. Thus, people will be exterminated if they’re not glorifying the State. My charaters find this out as they trudge through deserted cities and run across block after block of empty homes.

And I don’t believe what I’m writing is necessarily fiction. It can happen here. If it’s already happened in history. It can happen again anywhere.


Coming to you today from my remote office in the hills of Pennsylvania . . .

One of the overriding themes of all three of my Govicide books–Comply, Survive, and Resist–is the ignorance regarding how things get made and services get provided. Healthcare is something that wouldn’t exist without people training to be doctors. Our material possessions wouldn’t exist without other people who we don’t know getting out of bed to go to work every day. Electricity wouldn’t flow to our house without educated people understanding how powerplants work.

Or, as I put it in the books: For the world to work, eventually somebody has to do something.

My two main characters, Michael and Jade, suffer from the idea that “Government” provides everything. Well generally, that’s true. Technically, at least in their world, the reason Goods and Services are provided is because the OWG forces people to go to work to work for others–all so the One World Government can continue to be respected and followed.

This is happening now as I mentioned before in the realm of healthcare. The saying: The Federal Government will provide healthcare. That’s not true. Actually, doctors and nurse will provide you with your healthcare. To put it another way, the Federal Government can’t provide not even one pill if all the people involved in healthcare don’t show up for work. And that goes for anything in 2013, and that’s the way it’s always been.

All of the people we have who laze around and wait for things to be given to them would die in days if it weren’t for the all the people getting up and going to work. Government takes credit for giving people stuff when it’s actually private individuals who make the wheels of production turn. Without them, Government couldn’t provide anything. And you know what, Government shouldn’t.



On many occasions I’ve compared my Govicide series books to Fahrenheit 451. Of course, that story is about how reading is banned and books are burned by government. I incorporate that idea into my story as well. But, I take it one step further.

In mine, the One World Government only burns books that oppose its agenda. Frankly, this is much more close to what I believe will happen in real life. Government will never rid itself of anything that furthers its agenda. Any book praising collectivism will be distributed to every subject of the Masses. Any book praising individualism will be turned to ashes.

We can kind of already see this in USA schools. Although there’s not any burning going on, only certain books are determined to be appropriate. Socialism good, capitalism bad. Control good, freedom bad. Thus, these government schools are never going to rid themselves of books that further their agenda. Those books make their job easy. In the end, they’ll burn the books that are contrary to their liberal doctrine.

Unfortunately, with the advent of ebooks, this probably makes the government’s job easier. It takes much less time to delete some 1′ and 0’s than start a fire. Also, one can be done with no one noticing. At least when you burn something, there’s smoke.


In the world of Govicide, abortion is big business and its acceptance has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has everything to do with the OWG wanting to know about everyone’s sex lives. Although the OWG needs subjects to do its work, it, paradoxically, sees people as a problem because it’s in the business of caring for them. So, it tries to perform as many abortions as it can while still keeping the OWG running.  It also makes sure people only have so much sex so to keep the amount of abortions down because the procedures cost the OWG time and money.

I explain in the books how this can happen–How governments that legalize abortion stating they have no business being in people’s bedroom eventually end up wanting to know everything about people’s sex lives.

 And wouldn’t you know, a recent headline states that patients will be forced to answer questions about their sex lives if they want proper care in our soon-to-be-running new healthcare system.

Ya can’t make this stuff up . . .

Crime and Punishment

In my Govicide series, murderers get very short sentences–with the maximum allowable being five years. Why so short? Maybe it would be better to explain first why they are put in jail at all. The only reason the One World Government (OWG) in my books puts murderers in jail is to keep the victim’s family happy. There is no sense of “rights” in their world so murder isn’t something that is considered to be wrong. The only reason murderers are taken off the streets is to keep the complaining of the family to a minimum. Then, somewhere down the road when the heartache begins to subside, the killers are released–keeping people in jail costs money, don’t you know?

I see this same kind of thing going on in the year 2013. My first thought goes to California, which over the last few years has let many inmates out before they were due for release. Sure, some of them are non-violent drugs offenders (and that’s a discussion for another blog) but many of them have criminal records that involve theft and assaults. Why is this done? Because the state can’t afford to keep these people in jail. It’s broke. It can’t afford to build any more prisons. It can’t afford to hire more prison guards. But, somehow it finds the money to subsidize environmental boondoggles among other crazy schemes. 

Sounds like an OWG in 2013 to me.

There’s another reason, though, in my books murder isn’t considered to be that bad of a crime. When the Government is in charge of giving everything to everyone as it is in my books, that’s a lot easier to do when there are less people. By murderers getting rid of the Masses, more Goods and Services are available for everyone else. Eventually, people start thinking murder is a good thing for the health of a civilization. Thus, it doesn’t make much sense to throw people in jail who are making society better.

I’m afraid this will happen somewhere down the road as more and more stuff comes from Government and not the private sector. Government loves control and giving stuff to people but only as long as it’s convenient for it. Once it becomes a burden, Government will do everything it can to rid itself of customers. And legalized murder is one of those ways. I mean, why do you think Death Panels are a part of Obamacare?



Sports won’t exist in the future. There, I said it. I take no joy in writing it. And I don’t just mean in my Govicide trilogy, Allow me to explain.

In the books, sports don’t exist because the One World Government (OWG) believes competition is bad. It’s bad because competition causes people to pay attention to each other instead of paying attention to the OWG. If the Masses are caught up trying to outdo each other, then they can’t work as one for the glory of the OWG. So, no sports. In fact, the subjects in my three book know nothing even about sports. They’ve never heard of soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.

What does that have to do with the year 2013? More and more I believe somewhere down the road Government will terminate sports activities. Maybe for different reasons than in my books but the demise of sports is on the way. Look at what has happened to the NFL due to these money-grab concussion lawsuits–lawyers flocking to the cases like lions to a wildebeast herd. Look what Title IX has done to men’s sports in college. Look at how the new thing is not keeping score in Little League and elsewhere. It all serves to turn people away from competition and sports.  

The Hell of it is sports media is complicit to the whole operation. Because ESPN and others are controlled by liberal idiots–I mean how else could Keith Olbermann get rehired?–they’ll serve Government before they serve the sports they cover. Granted, I’m no fan of sports media either–They act like the know-it-alls of the sports world but when scandal pops up that has been going on for years, ESPN, Sky Sports, etc. act like Renault in Casablanca: I am shocked, shocked . . . It’s all so dirty and juvenile.

But the end of sports is coming and Govicide predicted it. 





The Final Frontier

I have to admit this wasn’t one of my main themes in my Govicide series. In fact, I think it was only mentioned in the first book, Comply. But it ended up being pretty accurate.

There were inklings back in 2010 when I started the series that the Shuttle program would be shut down within the next couple years–2011 or 2012. That proved to be accurate. The USA no longer uses the Shuttles. And that’s probably a debate to be had on my podcast, not here.

However, in my first book, my main character, Michael Locke, looks to the sky and remembers how there was a time when the OWG launched spacecraft and satellites. But those days were long gone. The reason? The Government decided that exploration got in the way of giving the Masses more Goods and Services. So, all its efforts were diverted toward that.

And here in the year 2013, a person could say the United States Federal Government has pretty much given up on space as well, unless it has to do with launching military vehicles or weather satellites that will try to tell us global warming exists. Really, private companies now spearhead efforts to get people into space. I wonder how long the Federal Government will allow that to go on before it comes in and regulates the new space industry to death.

Frankly, the Federal Government has given up on space because it believes it must continue to provide for people instead–something governments are not supposed to do. Obamacare, Social Security, Welfare, subsidized boondoggles, etc.–they all get in the way of space exploration.

Kind of sounds like what’s going on in my first book, doesn’t it? I just didn’t realize it would happen this fast. 


As adults we quickly find out that there is more to freedom than having our God-given rights. We discover the number one factor that breaks up marriages is finances. We realize how tough it is to pursue happiness when our expenses are higher than our income. We pop pills when an unexpected car problem or house issue enter our life. Keeping our money situation healthy makes everything else in our life possible.

And government does everything to get in the way of that.

In my books, the One World Government does this by dishing out credits to the Masses. However, they can’t save them from month to month. If a person doesn’t “spend” them, they’re taken away in preparation for the next dispensing of credits the next month. So, a person can never get ahead.

How does this relate to real life in the 21st century? Within the last couple years what has become a popular idea among liberals? They want to invade our 401k’s and savings. They see that money as theirs and the government’s, not the money of people who’ve worked very hard to save money so they don’t have to work until the day they die. 

The general knee-jerk reaction is to dismiss it. “Oh, that’s crazy.” “That’s nothing but conspiracy talk.” “That’ll never happen.” To which I say: You mean like people said General Motors would never collapse, and the Federal Government would never take it over? Is that what you people mean by “That’ll never happen,”? 

A country cannot be healthy when all its citizens are in debt. Moreover, a government will not be responsible with tax dollars if it knows its citizens aren’t good with the incomes they earn. But we know a tyrannical government has no intention of getting its financial accounts in order. So, it sets out to destroy all of our finances instead.

It’s all predicted in my Govicide series. Thanks for reading.  


Our Stuff

Some of the stories that have caught my eye recently are ones concerning the government saying people can’t use their own possessions. OR, the government mandates people must use their private property for certain tasks. It’s like, who’s stuff is this anyway?

Currently there’s the story of supper clubs in NYC. Of course, the City Government insists they’re “illegal restaurants.” I didn’t know there could be such a thing. However, in that city there are people who hire private chefs to come into their homes and cook dinner for them while charging friends to partake in the special meals. Sounds harmless, right? Of course. But it’s illegal not only there but probably everywhere in the USA. It’s crazy.

Private property. Private food. Chef is paid. Friends are there by choice. No illegal substances used. No endangered animals cooked. And still: illegal. Once again: Crazy. 

Likewise, there’s the story in NM where a court decided a photographer MUST take pictures at a gay ceremony. So, simply because a gay couple called this photographer, the photographer becomes a slave to the couple. The photographer can’t decline the offer. That sounds like slavery. Essentially, the court decided the photographer doesn’t own her camera or her own skills–the state or the gay couple does, presumably.

We don’t have any freedom when government can tell us what we must do with our possessions. Likewise, we have no freedoms when transactions on private property with private possessions that have nothing to do with public safety can be regulated–it’s not like the private cook was making bombs.

This is all relevant because in all three of my Govicide books the abolition of private property is a main theme. In the books, a person can’t trade things with a neighbor. The government controls everything that people may have within their residences. In the books, the OWG does this because it wants to be the dispenser of everything good. And if people began trading with each other, the OWG was afraid the people might get the idea they don’t need government at all–which, of course, they don’t for such things.

And, here in the 21st century, I believe that’s what is going on as well. Government is trying to stay involved in everybody’s lives because it can’t let people think for themselves. This goes from the big things like  the EPA and OSHA, down to the idiotic idea of restricting cell phone use in cars. It’s all crazy. And immoral. And unconstitutional. 


When my editor was going through my third book, Resist, she especially liked this one.

In that book, I detail how the government department, Govicide, came to be. Not to give too much away but . . . I explain how over the years preceding my books the IRS got more and more power to the point where it was more than a revenue-collection organization. Instead, it became the department that protected the government’s interests all over the world once the One World Government was formed. At that point its name was changed to the Govicide Department–like a Homicide Department, but different. (I should probably do a blog about the word, govicide.)

Well, my editor applauded me for putting that into the third book given recent events of 2012 and 2013, especially in the IRS’s connection to Obamacare. I had to tell her that those years had nothing to do with it. I came up with the IRS changing into an even more tyrannical department back in 2010 when Resist was written. Specifically, I had no idea the IRS would be involved in Obamacare, although I could easily predict 3 years ago that the IRS would continue to get more and more power as the Federal Government got larger and larger.

And, what do you know? Here we are in 2013 and the IRS is being given way more power than its originators could’ve ever predicted, and way more power than it ever should have. The Govicide series is coming true.